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Violet Delight

Violet Delight

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This exquisite floral arrangement features an innovative design that artfully clusters bouquets. A bouquet of pink expression garden roses rest gracefully on a bed of pink-toned tulips. On the other side, calla lilies in shades of pink and white are placed, while purple phalaenopsis orchids cascade like a waterfall in between. The arrangement is beautifully tied together with hints of clematis and luscious green gardenia leaves, and two burgundy hydrangea rest in the back giving an aesthetic view from all angles. It comes in a glass fishbowl, with purple phalaenopsis submerged amidst purple-toned gravel, and measures 22 inches in height and 23 inches in width.

3 sided arrangement 

Will my flowers look the same as pictured? 

Not all flowers are available year round. If some flowers are not in season, we will substitute with similar flowers to maintain the color, composition, and value of the arrangement as closely as possible. Be sure to check the substitutions box during the checkout process to let us know whether you'd like to be contacted regarding substitutions or not. If you check the box, we will get in touch and wait for your approval of any changes before designing and delivering your arrangement. If you don't, we will substitute with the best available options and send your delivery out as soon as possible.

How long will my flowers last?

We receive fresh flower shipments every day from our trusted growers and select only the best for our shop, timing our deliveries so that everything is made at the last possible moment and our customers receive the freshest flowers possible. We are working with mother nature and sometimes, the longevity of flowers is not entirely in our control. Several factors can affect their life-span, from the hardiness of one flower variety versus another, to the temperature of their new environment, or the care that they receive once they have left our shop. While this is something that we do our best to avoid, we do have a 48 hour policy in place which guarantees a replacement if flowers lose their freshness prematurely. Please contact our customer service team with any questions. 


Clematis, Calla Lily, Garden Rose, Tulip, Phalaenopsis Orchid

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