The Ancient Art of Topiary

Geometric or fanciful, we invite you to embrace a living sculpture of your own design.  From bespoke sizing to unique shapes and animals, allow us to take your dream topiary garden from conceptualization to realization. Spirals, balls, and cones are classic while unicorns, bears, and giraffes take a fantastic twist.  As specialists for over 30 years, The Empty Vase creates topiaries that are completely customized to customer specifications.

Topiaries, are and can only be, planted partially with ivy, as part of the experience is to watch the ivy grow and crawl all over the structure. For this reason, and due to the fact that there are certain areas of the animal/structural/figure topiaries that cannot be planted with ivy, all topiaries are covered between 40-50% upon the time of purchase. Please also note that depending on the size and type of structure, there is a production time of between 3-14 days. Full coverage can take several months to a year, depending on the dimensions and environmental conditions of the topiary.

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