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The Zen Candle & Chocolate Bundle

The Zen Candle & Chocolate Bundle


Zen Mountain + EMpty VAse Tobacco Candle + Valerie Chocolate Bar

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The Zen Mountain


Empty Vase Tobacco Candle


 Valerie Durango Bar

The Zen Mountain

Take a moment to center yourself with this serene and beautiful design. Succulents and amethyst stones are intricately placed atop a bed of earth-tone pebbles. A rustic stone Buddha is placed in the center, adding the final touch. Resting inside a 7” by 18”orange ceramic pot, overall this arrangement stands around 15” tall.

Empty Vase Tobacco Candle 

Voyage et Cie for Empty Vase

Tobacco - the plants are very psychic but they can express it only by silence and beauty - Sri aurobindo

Long before its commercialization, Tobacco was venerated by Native American communities who considered it sacred. Used ceremonially, the offering of tobacco is said to connect humans to the spirit world, opening the portal to higher realms.

Darkened milk chocolate studded with roasted almonds, cocoa nibs, and hickory smoked salt.

65 grams



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