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Pink Petal Pines

Pink Petal Pines

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A whimsical blend of nature's grace and holiday merriment, this arrangement exudes an enchanting charm. Adorned with the delicate allure of pink orchids, oversized peonies, fluttering lisianthus, roses, and ranunculus, it harmonizes with the timeless beauty of white ranunculus, roses, and lisianthus. This petite masterpiece introduces a botanical touch to your festive celebrations. The soft petals gracefully cascade like a gentle snowfall, creating a stunning symphony of pinks and whites. Interwoven with the lush greenery of pine, it effortlessly captures the essence of the season.

As the vibrant green pines peek through, they playfully mimic the iconic silhouette of a Christmas tree, invoking the nostalgic charm of traditional holiday decor. Infused with a sprinkle of festive magic, miniature pink Christmas ornaments dangle like precious jewels, reflecting the twinkle of the season's lights. These tiny treasures enhance the tree's allure, transforming it into a radiant focal point for your holiday festivities. This arrangement embodies a perfect balance of natural elegance and holiday cheer.

This arrangement is available in two sizes.


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