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Lavender Souffle Candle & Chocolate Bundle

Lavender Souffle Candle & Chocolate Bundle

SKU: LSBUN041924

Lavender Souffle Arrangement + Lavender Candle + 12pc Louis Sherry

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Lavender Souffle Arrangement


Diptyque Classic Lavender Candle


Louis Sherry (12pc)

Lavender Souffle

Large: A captivating floral arrangement. Lavender Souffle is more than just flowers; it's a symphony of romance and sophistication. The soothing tones of  75 lavender roses evoke a sense of tranquility, while a sprinkle of winter roses add a touch of magic, like delicate snowflakes gently kissing each petal. This arrangement comes in beautiful cone shaped white ceramic vase standing 13 inches in height and 18 inches in width. 

Diptyque Classic Lavender Candle

A summer sky and lavender bushes on the hills of Haute Provence blend in a harmonious palette of blues as far as the eye can see. Surrounded by fields, the mineral scent of the earth lends spice to the lively, rustic notes of the delicate little blue flowers.

Burning time : 60 hours
190 mg

Louis Sherry 12pc

Our emblematic gift box is composed of a house selection of exquisite Louis Sherry truffles renown for their creamy texture and exceptional silkiness.  A truly delightful gift for anyone to indulge in the pleasure of fine chocolate.


Rose, Winter Rose

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