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Enchanted Kaleidoscope

Enchanted Kaleidoscope

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Unleash the magic of nature with our spectacular floral arrangement, "Enchanted Kaleidoscope." A riot of colors and textures, this creation is a symphony for the eyes, inviting you to wander through a garden of dreams.

At the heart of this enchanting display are the blushing pink expression garden roses, their petals unfurling like delicate whispers of love. Paired with the fragrant lavender sweet peas resting a top pink toned hydrangeas, the arrangement is an ode to the timeless beauty of an English garden in full bloom. Delve deeper, and you'll discover the exotic allure of chocolate orchids in the center – a rich and rare indulgence for the senses. These dark, velvety blooms add a touch of mystery and sophistication, elevating the arrangement to new heights of opulence. Splash in the warmth of a sun-kissed afternoon with the vibrant orange pincushions, peachy toned dahlias and the golden hues of yellow acacia. Their cheerful presence adds a burst of energy. The delicate sway of pink cherry branches in the back invoke the fleeting beauty of spring. Meanwhile, the pink butterfly ranunculus flit and flutter, evoking a sense of whimsy and playfulness along with purple veronicas. Enchanted Kaleidoscope is a testament to the grandeur of nature's palette. This arrangement comes in a beautiful tapered white ceramic vase, standing at 27 inches tall and 17 inch width.


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