Cereria Molla - Bergamotto di Calabria Incense

Cereria Molla - Bergamotto di Calabria Incense

20 incense 9″ sticks with bergamot scent from the Spanish house Cereria Molla 1899. Thanks to the mixture of aromatic and herbal ingredients, it smells and creates a very nice atmosphere in your space.


The vibrant freshness of Bergamot from Calabria, Italy is combined with the warmth of Mysore Sandalwood. Notes of cardamom and lemon take you to a Mediterranean island all year round. In luxurious packaging, it is an ideal proposal for a gift.

Warm Mysore Sandalwood combined with the vigorous freshness of Bergamotto di Calabria lends nuances of Cardamom and Lemon that transport you to this Mediterranean Island.

Enjoy with our Cereia Molla Incense Stick holder!

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