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Blaze of Dusk

Blaze of Dusk

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our latest creation—a stunning topiary tree ablaze with rich, fiery tones. This exquisite composition boasts a captivating blend of ombre orange roses, soft light orange roses, fiery orange pincushions, plush coxcomb, golden marigolds, and delicate cymbidiums, all elegantly accented with touches of autumnal leaves.

Resting gracefully in a rustic terra cotta pot, this enchanting arrangement sees a base of harmonious gathering of pincushions, marigolds, and ombre roses nestled amidst a bed of autumn foliage. Standing at a height of 23 inches and spreading 12 inches wide, it's a masterpiece that effortlessly infuses warmth and sophistication into any space.


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