MODERN LUXURY ANGELENO: 9 of the Best Florists in L.A.

MODERN LUXURY ANGELENO: 9 of the Best Florists in L.A.

Picking out flowers and making a bouquet perfectly tailored for a special occasion can sometimes be stressful. Why not make picking out flowers a less stressful event by opting for one of the city's premier floral shops? Los Angeles has plenty, so if you are looking to elevate your flower shopping experience, read on to find the right florist for you.

1. French Florist

La Fleur Éclose is known for their huge, elaborate designs and beautiful signature arrangements. If you are looking for flowers that will never die, you might want to check out their eternal roses. You will be giving the ultimate gift of luxury!

3. Empty Vase

Paying homage to the classic Paris flower markets, Empty Vase has a reputation for being one-of-a-kind and having unique and creative designs. The luxury home decor boutique specializes in floral sculpture and topiary that is the perfect decoration for any high-end special event. The team prides themselves in capturing special moments and conveying emotions through the “poetry of flowers”.

4. Floral №5

All the florists at Floral №5 are creative and talented and have an eye for creating aesthetically-pleasing floral arrangements. They offer a varied selection of small personal bouquets to giant arrangements filled with seasonal and rare flowers and foliage that will make anyone jealous.

5. Purely Floral

Purely Floral creates innovative designs and stunning floral arrangements that work around the customer's price range and desires. The whole team is passionate and caring and provide the best customer service that will make your whole experience with them outstanding.

6. Village Florist

Village Florist is a family-owned business that you need in your life. Founded in 1987, they have immeasureable experience that allows them to create the perfect personalized bouquets for all of their customers. At this floral shop, they guarantee their designs will make you happy!

7. Café Scent Coffee and Flower

If you are looking for a flower shop that has beautiful designs and a great ambiance, you have to check out Café Scent Coffee and Flower. Not only do they offer stunning bouquets full of aesthetically pleasing colors and textures, but they also have great coffee and a fun environment.

8. The Conservatory Florist

At The Conservatory Florist, their philosophy is their desire to pursue beauty in every floral creation and event they host. The floral and event studio has been around since 1998 and is a charming space that has even been voted best of Los Angeles by L.A. Weekly.

9. Pink Clover

Pink Clover provides fresh and breathtaking flowers for any occasion with a modern twist on the classic floral arrangement. The young and creative team got their experience in Europe and brought their innovative technique to Los Angeles with quick and easy floral delivery throughout the city.

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