Flower Colors and Their Meanings

Flower Colors and Their Meanings

When you look at a flower, what is the first thing that you notice? Despite how big it is, its shape, its scent, type, and everything else, most people first notice its color. What is it about the color which makes it so distinct? According to many florists and people who have been studying flowers, every flower color has a different meaning, and it symbolizes a specific meaning to it.

History of Colors and Symbolism

In the Victorian era, when literature was at its peak, it has been so long ago that flowers were symbolized with different meanings. You can find such symbolism of flowers in some of Shakespeare's writings as well. It was after that from Egyptians and Greeks who symbolized flower colors with specific meanings. Nowadays, when people are gifting someone flowers, color symbolism is kept in check.

For all the florists and flower geeks out there, in this blog, you will know the different colors of flowers and their meanings.


Red flowers are the most grown type of flower. In the Netherlands, almost 52% of red flowers are grown and then supplied to the whole world. They are associated with love and passion. That is the reason why red flowers are the most sought after flowers on Valentine’s Day. They are also given to symbolize respect and courage. They are red roses, tulips, and poppies.  


Due to the bright orange color, orange flowers symbolize fervor and exhilaration; it is also given out to represent warmth and happiness as it might relate to the fall colors. The most common orange flowers are tulips, marigolds, and zinnias.


The yellow-colored flowers mean happiness and joy. They primarily symbolize positive energy and friendship. Being that yellow color is bright and brings the cheery personality out of the person, they are usually given to brighten one's day. Yellow flowers are sunflowers, daisies, lilies, and dandelion.


The green color is the color of nature, and so does it represents. As nature brings out freshness and youthfulness, so does green flowers. Green flowers are given on the birth of someone to symbolize good health and good fortune. Green flowers are the most commonly grown flowers. They are found growing on many flowering trees. Some green flowers that you can use in the bouquet are button flowers, anthurium, and green orchid.


 A blue colored wall is mainly the symbol of relaxation. The same is what blue colored flowers mean. They bring out relaxation and soothing feeling they are given with the meaning to eliminate negative feelings and tension from someone’s life. However, the blue roses represent a secret or something unattainable they are given to someone very unique and astonishing. Blue flowers are not very common, but some of them are morning glories, blue roses, and hydrangeas.


The pink color is always associated with femininity. The pink flowers represent love, happiness, grace, and gentleness. You can give them to any of your female friends or family members. Pink flowers are usually given to mothers on mother's day. Pink flowers are generally used in place of red flowers to represent softer feelings and to embody the delicacy of feelings altogether. Pink-colored flowers can be found in roses, lilies, peonies, and carnations.


Lavender and purple flower might look the same, but they differ in the meanings lavender flowers have the same meaning as violet flowers; they symbolize delicacy, elegance, and preciousness. All these qualities are to represent the grace of a lady. You can find lavender flowers in daisies, orchids, and petunias.   


Ivory colored flowers are mainly found in roses. They represent charm, perfection, and thoughtfulness. Ivory roses are very rare to find. They are given to someone whom you want to tell that you care for that person.       


White color is associated with peace and innocence. White flowers mean to tell purity, innocence, and virtue. White roses are traditionally used in a bridal bouquet or when paying homage or tribute to someone. They represent sympathy and delicacy. For a bouquet with white flowers, you can use daisies, orchids, carnations, and roses.


Black colored flowers are only found in roses. It can convey many meanings. The black flowers have been symbolized with death and mourning, so that is why used at funerals. But there is a positive meaning to it as well, which that it can stand for the beginning of the new things and the birth of a new era. You can characterize black rose with hope and valor.


 Purple flowers have an element of mystery to them. Though they are soft in color can epitomize charm, elegance, finesse, and grace. They can make a strong romantic impression. Due to their strong color, they have their origins from royalty and their pride ceremonies. Usually, they were used in the past for any royal event like a coronation. Purple flowers include bellflower, iris, allium, and clematis.

Mixed Colored Flowers

If you cannot decide which flower will go well according to the event or situation, you can always combine different colors and make a huge bouquet. No matter which color it is, the element of purity and happiness is in all the colors. Mix up white flowers with other subtle colors to create a contrasting harmony, and you can gift that bouquet to anyone you want to.


Flowers are a great way to convey messages, and they make an impression that lasts. So if you plan on giving someone flowers, decide your color, make a bouquet or buy one and speak your heart out. Whether you send a message of love, friendship, care, or any other emotion, let the flowers do the job for you. Though roses stand the test of time and they have always been the best at expressing feelings, you can go for a bouquet with a combination of roses and other flowers. There are thousands of floral arrangements, and you can never go wrong with flowers.

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