Decorating Your Event Venue with Flowers

Decorating Your Event Venue with Flowers

Have you ever thought about how you want your Wedding Day to be?  You might not have decided all the details yet, but as a general rule, we all love a floral wedding. Flowers are a must-have in wedding decorations, whether it is a flower bouquet, a floral arch or flowers lined down the aisle.
Like the famous quote from Colin Cowie says, “Flowers are a universal language that every bride understands.”
In this blog, we want to discuss how you can decorate your event venue with flowers to transform the aura of the place. Here are a few ways how we at Empty Vase can help you to create your perfect Wedding Venue.




Floral Centerpieces

Keeping in mind the theme of your wedding, you can put your preferred flowers in a vase of your choice in the center of every table to instantly add to the elegance and a personal touch to the table.


Pew Ends and Aisles

Tying flowers with ribbons at the pew ends ensure that every detail has been personalized. You can use the same flowers to decorate the whole path of the aisle or also hang small bunches by fairy lights all down the aisle.

Flowers on a Wedding Arch

 A floral arch is timeless and never fails to amaze everyone, especially if you go for a fuller look for the arch.


Flowers in Chandeliers

Flowers hanging down from the chandeliers will enhance the beauty of chandeliers and pair perfectly with hanging potted plants for the ceiling.




If you are going for an indoor wedding, decorating the stairs' railings creates the ideal instagrammable place for guests to take great pictures.


Floating Flowers for the Pool

Adding floating flowers to the pool has breathtaking effect. These can be combined with floating candles to create a romantic atmosphere.


A Floral Backdrop

If more picture perfect moments are needed, create a backdrop with flowers on a wall. You can use pastel colors or bright colors, whatever goes with your theme. It will make a great photo booth for the guest as well as the couple.


Cake Decorations

We are not saying to cover the cake with flowers, but you can add a delicate detail few on the top or the side, or with the utensils.


Floral Fountain

For outdoor weddings, you can decorate the fountain with flowers, either around it or with small floating flowers.


Signing Register

You can create an ombre table runner with decorative flowers to add color to the signing register.


Flower Crowns

In a floral theme, you can make flower crowns with the same decorative flowers. Bridesmaids and female guests can wear them to celebrate with you.



Flowers to Decorate the Entrance

As you did for the arch, you can also decorate the venue's entrance with flowers to achieve a homogeneous look.


Add Boldness and Depth with Flowers

You can use flowers in even the smallest details. For example, in the first name initials of the bride and groom with flowers, above the menu board or for the napkin wraps. When it comes to flowers in a wedding, more is more. Make the most of that floral themed wedding!



Which Flowers to Choose for the Event Decoration?

Flowers add elegance and fragrance to the event decoration. But now the question arises, which wedding flowers are the best to choose? The following are a few ones from which you can choose.
1.    Ranunculus is ideal for spring and autumn weddings and can be used in a fairly wide range of color, including yellow or orange, if that's your color of choice.
2.    The peony symbolizes romance. It's ideal for summer and spring weddings.
3.    You can never go wrong with roses. This all-time, always elegant classic is widely available in terms of variety and seasons.
4.    Hydrangeas are voluminous, so they are great to fill up the place.
5.    Gardenias add elegance. They can also be used as floating flowers.
6.    Calla lily is used to add more drama to the event decoration. Due to its long stems, they look beautiful in vases and as centerpieces.
7.    Succulents are the best options to use in an outdoor wedding as they are heat resistant. You can literally decorate anything with them and they add a boho-chic touch.
8.    Orchids are the best option if you are going to a beach wedding and for a tropical theme wedding. Their use in wedding decoration is timeless.
9.    Tulips can instantly give a graceful and grandeur look to the event decoration.

Last thoughts

Keep the color palette in mind when choosing your flowers. While pastel colors are mostly preferred, beautiful and unique wedding themes can be achieved with all colors. If you are going for a rustic or bohemian theme, you can even consider dried flowers.
Finally, keep in mind that wedding events venues have their own policy on how  you to decorate.


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